Wednesday, 3 October 2012

21 Secrets - 15 Minutes to Sanity - Gina Rossi Armfield

In the 15 Minutes to Sanity workshop Gina encourages us to take the sometimes limited time we have and use it in a different way.  15 minutes to sanity is all that it takes to set you on the road to creativity.  By preparing our pages before hand and using prompts and selected materials, it enables us to snatch back the much needed time and create in our journals.

I enjoyed this workshop as I was able to just focus on doing what I could with the time I had.  I started preparing pages some time ago as this in itself can be a theraputic activity, especially at those times where you are not able to sit down and do a journal page, but playing with the materials on the page is definitely well worth doing.  The page is inspired by a poem I wrote - a piece of me still remains, looking at our memories, the photos that we collect and wondering what remains when we pass in the minds of others.

Here is my page before I started....

This is how it ended up.

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