Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Book Review - Art Journals and Creative Healing - Sharon Soneff & Art Cards

I came across this book purely by chance and after reading the introduction knew I had to buy a copy.  Art Journals and Creative Healing is a lovely book with a wealth of contributions and photos shared by many artists.  It follows on from Sharon Soneff's previous book entitled Faith Books and Spiritual Journaling which is on my wish list!

The book is split into two sections, Health and healing for the emotions - which looks at finding peace in the midst of turmoil and Health and healing for the body - finding comfort in the midst of physical challenges.

Each contributing artist shares a piece of their story, how they have used their journals for healing and how you can incorporate them for yourself.  There are a wealth of great ideas for approaching areas that can be quite sensitive, and you work at your own pace.

Dotted throughout the book are a series of worksheets written by Mindy Caliguire to help you recap on the previous chapters prompts and to help you overcome any blocks there are also creative tips.  How deep you choose to go is up to you as you reflect about your journey in your journal but you will find strength and support in the process.  You will also find a great list of resources and biography with contact details of all the contributing artists.  I think it is definitely a book to have on your shelf.

Art Cards

I have also continued to produced my art cards as part of the 21 day Art Challenge with Motley Soul, here are some more of the cards I have done.  It has been really great to do the smaller pieces of art, and try different ideas and styles.  The cards are 4 inch x 6inchs and you use whatever card you have, I have used card that I had used for other backgrounds and then added a new design ....more to come!

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