Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Needing that spark

It's either your spark plugs or your head gasket the Greenflag driver informed me - I had set out earlier to drive to my mums only to find the car wouldn’t start.

An hour and a half prior to that Alan and Sekani had pushed me in the car down the road hoping to push start it, and when that failed to jump-start it but to no avail.  The car stood in the driveway of an unknown neighbour. I knocked on their door, they opened ready to tell me that they were not interested in what I was selling, relieved when I told them about the car, they were happy for it to stay until I got some assistance.

I thought of all the things I had planned to do at my mums had I got their earlier and the impact that not having a car over the next few days would mean especially in this snow. I like things to be organised especially when it comes to my mum – I have accepted that now, to have things crop up wasn’t in my plans for the coming week, nor was the call out fee of £108 as the breakdown cover I had didn’t include home start. I had been feeling a bit off, trying to get into the swing of things but wanting so badly for the first time just to sit and be creative, but I could feel all my plans unravelling as the additional burdens arranged themselves like cheerleaders at the side of the road along with the general feeling of malaise - I knew I should have got the car serviced but decided to leave it for another year.

How like our cars do we unexpectedly stop functioning, out of the blue an unexpected ache and pain, or that numbness you were feeling in your hands suddenly gets worse.  When was the last time you gave your body and over haul?  We can become too rundown from the day to day trials of life that can invariably wear us down and making sure we look after our health and well-being is the thing that will prevent those unexpected visits to the doctors.

Take time as we come to the end of the month to re-evaluate your health, what your putting into your body, and are you getting enough nourishment from the foods you are currently eating? There is no time like the present, and you want to ensure you have more than enough energy to work on your dreams, unlike our cars this is the one body that we have, so we need to look after it!  Blessings

How are you going to look after yourself this year?

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