Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Letraset Neon Markers - Product Review

Neon Marker 6 Set
I recently received a free set of 6 Letraset neon markers and I’ve been trying them out to see how versatile they are for my needs, and working with my other mixed media materials.

They are a twin tip water based ink marker and come in a range of florescent colours.  I have been playing around with them on different surfaces to see how they stand up.  
I used moulding paste on this journal and had no problem adding colour using the markers.  And the heart below is made from tissues paper.  They work well over glitter, and gave it extra sparkle.   They are water soluble so it’s a good idea to use them at the end, but you can also use them with water to add a hint of colour to your work.  The Letraset Neon Markers bring a vibrancy to whatever surfaces that you are working on.

You can also use them on gesso or to colour your gesso.  I put some of the marker on a plastic sheet then added some gesso.  You get a lovely pastel type finish but with the same vibrancy of the neon marker – depending on how much gesso you use. 
They also work well on fabric, this is a page from a fabric journal that I made recently, I decorated the flowers with the neon markers. 

The other thing I like about the markers is they have a colour stickers at the end of the lid which makes them easy to store and find the colours that you need without having to pull everything out.  All in all have found a use for them in quite a few areas of my mixed media work, and as an additional tool they will definitely come in handy.  If you would like more information about their products you can see more Here

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