Friday, 11 January 2013

Bugsy Malone - night to remember

I was 11 years old when the advert came over the TV, they were holding auditions and needed children for what turned out to be a very successful movie.  

Bugsy Malone paved the way for many of the child actors and actresses, some of whom have had very successful careers. It was the kind of film that you could watch year in and out and sing along to the songs. 

A while back me and some of the family were able to enjoy what was a combination of theatre, cinema and audience participation at the Troxy Theatre. 
Let the fun begin!
We were ushered down the streets to stand in line to wait to enter the secret back door. With what seemed like a trip to the library to check in our books we were transported into the world of Fat Sam's Speakeasy at the heart of Prohibition, Chicago.

What are we letting ourselves in for?
Dressed up in cloths and accessories of the era, we were included in the action, firstly auditioning for parts as dancing girls and then took to our seats to listen to Talula sing her song.   
Me and Ahisha take in Fat Sam's Band
Also amongst the action was the viewing of different scenes from the film - the live-action boxing rings, Bugsy and Blousey Brown's tiff and casinos playing as we sipped our drinks. It was more like an experience rather than just going to the theatre. We were then presented with the film itself, which in my opinion we didn’t need as we had already had so much fun....
Alan and Sekani mean business!
That said when the warning was given that Dandy Dans mobsters were approaching we were armed with ponchos and custard pies and at the finale pelted each other, while dodging the splurge guns. It was full of laughter and definitely an experience to remember. 

Splurge Gun Fight, armed with our pies and ponchos

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