Friday 30 August 2013

Gratitudes and Celebration Journal - Week 8 - Treat yourself with Kindness

 Gratitude and Celebration Journal Week 8

 The page reads - Treat yourself with kindness....

 We can sometimes forget that we need to nurture ourselves and when we stop and treat ourselves as special we open ourselves up and unlock hidden treasures!

Here is the page once I have noted some of the things that I celebrate and am grateful for....

Take a moment to think about how you can be kind to yourself today - and then go out and do an act of kindness to someone else!  Take a moment to think about how you can inspire others.  Blessings for the weekend!


  1. Beautiful art and thought of kindness. So lovely and true. Enjoy your weekend, too.

  2. And blessings back to you all the way from Colorado to the UK.

  3. How true! We forget to be as kind to ourselves as we would be to others. What a pretty page. :)


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