Monday, 26 August 2013

Traveller Returns - After the road trip

It has been two weeks since I came back from my holiday, the fresh faced sun kissed exterior has all but gone as we get back into the routine of every day life.  Having gone away to take time to recharge my batteries I am appreciative in being able to spend 3 weeks away from home in a new environment. 

Along with my husband Alan and son Sekani we went to see my sister-in-law in Huntsville, Alabama, and then met up with a few more members of the family spending a further 2 weeks in Florida.  We had a great time, the weather was very hot - so got my share of vitamin D.   I was able to take lots of photographs, chill out, go shopping for art supplies, and visit museums and art galleries.  We saw a couple of exhibitions at the Huntsville Museum of Art - there were some mixed media pieces, silver and glass exhibits on show.  If you get a chance to go down there it is well worth the visit;

 Here is a small fraction of things on display.  It is alway inspiring to see the work of others.
Sloan Bibb - Life is a Spectator Sport

Gary Chapman - To be with you

Goat - Gianmaria Buccellati

Cappy Thompson - Riding feathers into the future
At the Davidson Centre for the Arts which runs alongside the Museum of Art we were able to catch a quilting exhibition by local quilters, there were some lovely exhibits.  I have had a growing desire to learn how to make a quilt and seeing some of the exhibits really inspired me. 

Susan Keziah Hobbs Fennell Henderson - Crazy Quilt 1887
This quilt is over 100 years old!

Elaine Rowe - All I can see is green

Babara Black - Night

Anne Clough - A string of cosmic pearl
Another highlight whilst in Huntsville, was meeting fellow blogger and author Christina Carson

After finding out that she lived in Huntsville, I couldn't go all that way without meeting up in person and saying hello. It was lovely to meet her and we stopped and had a coffee.  Christina will be doing an interview about her writing and her current books on my wordpress site soon!

I also managed to get to the Botanical gardens which had a butterfly house.  I got some lovely images of the flowers and this will be dotted around my blog in future posts.

I was really good while I was in Huntsville and I managed to get out each morning and go for a walk.  The environment was beautiful, so much lush greenery.
An extremely steep hill that I managed to conquer
Before we left Huntsville we paid a visit to the Lowe Mill Centre for the Arts a venue with artist studios, theatre, exhibition space and a restaurant.  If we had been able to stay a few more days there was a music festival that was also taking place that weekend.

Sekani found a piano and gave us a couple of songs.....

Next stop Florida, stayed mostly in Orlando and then drove down to Daytona, and Miami.  It would have been great to spend more time in both these locations - next time!
Enjoying the water at Daytona Beach


Miami Beach
Miami Sunset
Took some time out at a couple of theme parks - Universal and Island of Adventure.  Went on lots of fun rides and I definitely recommend, the Transformers ride....

The Harry Potter ride was also exciting.  The down side to the theme parks were the queueing and they were charging $70 for a fast pass.  For some of the rides you could go on and cut the cues as a single rider (without a group) We took this option on a few rides, even though they slot people in who didn't mind being seperated in their groups, you mostly ended up with your party in the same car anyway,  and it cut the wait by half. There was additional entertainment around the park and we took in the Blues brother performers

Blues Brothers

Talented  musicians at the Blues Brothers stand

All in all it was a lovely trip there are so many more photographs that we took, I hope you got a flavour.  I developed a chest infection in the last week so had to slow it right down and just rest.  All better now though, and I now have to get down to the business of Art and mixed media.  There are a few classes coming up that I am hoping to take.  I also have some things to share that I had been working on - it's time to step up!   It would be great to hear about a break that you are planning or have done already.  Looking forward to reading your comments.  Blessings for the rest of the week.


  1. Nice art works, and lovely photos of you. You look very relaxed. I've just had a little time out too, in a retreat centre by the sea.

    1. Juliet, it was a really lovely time, I enjoyed our trips to the beach and looking around the art museums. Hope you had a great rest!

  2. Welcome Back!! It looks like you had a great time! So glad you enjoyed yourself! :-) Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

    1. Time has really flown September already, it was really great getting away!

  3. Hi Amanda .. it looks like you had a fabulous time ... and managed to cram lots in - wonderful to meet up with Christina too; all the sand, sea and sunshine - then seeing Sekani making music .. talented family .. and I love your photos ... great you'll be using the butterfly ones on the blog - and I hope we see a few others of your weeks in the States ...

    Cheers and welcome back to settling in! Hilary

    1. Hilary, looking at the weather we are having today it seems like a long time ago that we were lapping up the sun, yes the images will bring back many memories:)


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