Friday, 11 October 2013

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal - Week 14

Gratitude and Celebration Journal - Week 14 - Let Peace Reign
Let the Peace Reign

I have been thinking about making changes to my routines, to foster some better habits and to see the fruit that can come from my endeavours   I am tired of fighting against what my body thinks it needs (chocolates, lounging and inactivity and with that comes the aches and the pains, the illnesses and the depression), and I want to have peace within my body.  
I will be making room to do more of the things that will cause my body and state of mine to be more in balance.   This means that I need to spend more time preparing food that will edify, eat more fruits and vegetables.  I will go out and walk for a minimum of 20 minutes despite what the weather is saying - it was raining and bitterly cold this morning but I did feel better for it.  I usually spend first thing in the morning reading my bible and writing in my journal - this I will continue, as I make room for the other things by getting up half an hour earlier.  With balance will come peace.  I am grateful for the peace that holds my heart and celebrate this period of reflection and rest.
As this week draws to a close can you think of the areas where you need to take a step back? Take some time out, and give yourself permission to take stock and see what parts of your life that you need to let peace reign. Do let me know what you plan to do.    Have a blessed weekend! 

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