Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays - How to make a Capturing Moment Mini Journal? and Competition

Tutorial Tuesday - Capturing Moments Mini Journal

In today's Tutorial Tuesday I thought that would share with you how to make these simple journals - Capturing Moments.  I called them this because they capture moments of whatever you want to use them for.  I was inspired to make some more after two that I made from recycled materials were shown in a magazine called Craftseller.

Here's how you put them together:

Measure out card to suit the size you want
Recycled card measures 3x7inches 
 Choose paper that you want to use as the cover both sides and use either pva glue or double sided tape

Using a bone folder you are going to create a spine allow 3 inches on either side and one inch for the spine, this is where the signatures will be sitting
 The signatures measure 3 x 6 inches in length and you will need 11 of them 

Fold in half an see how they fit in the book

 Get your wool or string of choice and rap round the outside cover, tie it in a knot 
 begin to wrap the wool round each of the signatures and round the back

 Once you've wrapped it round each signature you cut off a length of the wool
 Use large needle and thread the remaining wool back and forward through the spine
 If you want you can thread beads on it at this point
 Once you have secured the wool all the way down tie off and before you cut it off you can decide to add a beads at this point.

I added a paper bead to my one.

Then you can add what ever decoration to the front of the mini journal and begin to have fun in it.


Win a Capturing Moments Mini Journal and tags selection - 
enter below for a chance to win.  Leave a blog comment and choose some of the additional ways to increase your chances - good luck!


  1. Hi, Amanda! Cute and creative mini-journals! I hope I get to win one!! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  2. I would like to record the day I take my sons to London at Xmas

    1. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you good luck, you will have a lovely time in London seeing the lights and all. How old are your sons?


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