Friday, 18 October 2013

Recycled Projects - Chunky Toilet Roll Journal

What do you do with all those toilet and paper towel rolls that you use?  Throw them in the recycling bin and forget about them, yes that is a start as opposed to them ending up in land fill.  A great alternative is to put it to creative use.

I am really excited to share what I made in today's post.  This is the type of recycling that  really love, being able to create and craft something that can hold so much promise out of something you wouldn't readily think of using.  
With a set of toilet rolls I decided to turn them into a chunky journal like this.
This chunky journal uses majority recycled materials apart from the paint and additional decoration that you might use on your pages.

Everything else is either cardboard from other packaging, string and a whole range of other things that would normally be thrown out!

The tags are made from recycled card.  It is made with space for you to write your own thoughts and feelings each toilet roll pocket has been painted or covered, and is designed for you to place a selection of things in the pocket.
Come back on Tuesday to see how I made them in Tutorial Tuesday.  Do share creative ways in which you have used recycled materials and leave a comment below.

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