Monday 21 October 2013

Material Mondays - Owl - Crochet Makes

Owl – Crochet Makes

The owl is made using an amigurami pattern.

This was a really easy pattern to make and you can vary the size and colours of yarn used.  As with most toy based products if you are going to make them for children you have to make them safe and follow certain criteria.

I was quite interested in the amigurami patterns that I have been seeing and decided to try my hand at it using a thicker wool to get a quicker result, and Ollie was born... the glitzy owl.  My owl is made from two toned chunky wool and I decided to put beading the beak and around the eyes.

The bead give his beak and his eyes a bit more sparkle.  This is such an easy pattern that you can finish in a couple of hours, the thing that took the time was adding the beads.  I am looking forward to improving on Ollie when I make the rest of his family!

Owls have always been associated with wisdom and knowledge, it is interesting how two simple pieces of equipment (the wool and the crochet needle) can go on to produce some lovely pieces and I will be sharing more as the weeks pass. 

If you are considering learning how to crochet, or any other creative activity check out Craftsy online courses, at the moment they are doing a special offer on some of their classes, and they are offering some free mini courses. Click here

Remember the Capturing Moments mini journal competition is still running and will end on Wednesday, you have up to 4 chances to enter and maybe you might be the lucky one to win one of the mini journals.  I am planning on throwing in a few extras as a surprise, so make your way over to the post and leave your details!

Have a blessed week, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday.


  1. Susan, he is insisting on seeing his family, so I have to get making lol!

  2. Hi Amanda .. how lovely ... can't stand wool - but Ollie looks just beautiful .. well done on checking the patterns out ..

    Cheers Hilary


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