Saturday 12 October 2013

Recycled projects - Capturing Moments Chunky Mini Journal

Welcome to a new feature that will be on my blog.  In my bid to become more organised and up my game a bit I thought I would start having a few regular features to show you what I have been getting up to in my studio and to share some of the processes.  On top of the mixed media art, paintings, working in my art journal and working on resources for carers I have been doing quite a few projects. I will be using Saturdays to share the things that I have been creating in my studio, the majority of which using recycled materials to create a piece of art. You will be surprised at the types of things we have around us that can be totally transformed.  On the Tuesday of the following week I will be showing you how the pieces were made, and do a mini tutorial called Tutorial Tuesdays. On Mondays (Material Monday's) I will be showing you things that I have made from fabric or crochet.

The first project has been these mini journals that I call Capturing Moments.  They are fairly easy to make and measure approximately 3x4 inches.  Making them and putting in all the detail has been quite therapeutic, and there is much to be said for the art processes and creating a sense of well-being.  They are great to just grab put in your bag or pocket and be able to be creative wherever you are - capturing the moment at hand!.

On Thursday I shared two of my mini journals 

that were shown in a magazine called Craftseller.  I had used some of the free paper selection that came with the magazine.  It was my first time to submit to a magazine and in the process also won a voucher which allowed me to purchase some craft supplies from stickytiger! Yay!
Capturing Moments mini journal

The Capturing Moments mini journals are just that - to be able to capture ideas, thoughts, quotes, images or whatever you like. 
Recycled materials form the basis of the journals
I have been using them for a variety of things especially when I am on the go - as a means for sketching out some ideas, looking a colour so that I can then do a larger image on my chosen surface.  
Multiple uses and fit in your pocket!

I also have one that I place photos, quotes, scriptures, and encouraging words that I want to be reminded of.  
Selection of the Capturing Moments mini journals

I made them with a set of 10 tags for use alongside for that extra special message and have added decoration along the edges using beads, paper beads and whatever else I could find in my stash.  Let me know what you think of these mini journals, have you found some interesting materials to create with, do share.

If you come back on Tuesday I will be showing you how I made the journals, and I will also be having a giveaway and you can win one of the Capturing Moments Mini Journals.  Have a blessed weekend.


  1. This is too fabulous! I love crafts and making things from materials (mostly while scrapbooking) but just don't get the time to anymore! Can't wait to see some of the things you produce. :-)


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