Saturday, 28 June 2014

Creating....the process

I love looking at the process photos of how a painting comes into being, and every now and then share with you here.  I wanted to show you this particular painting that I had done recently and how it started out and what the finished result looked like.

I have over the past few months been attempting to paint a few more male portraits, it was something I was quite used to doing with graphite, but never attempted many paintings

After using my gelli plate to create a background this young man came to visit and I was able to capture him in charcoal.
Starting out using gelli print and charcoal to sketch the image

with each application of paint, he reveals a bit more of himself..
Image continues to emerge

he shares his dreams of travelling, and I wondered if they would remain just dreams or if he would be able to have some adventures of his own.

It had taken quite a bit of thought, planning and convincing that he was able too venture forth

He had already begun, he was living his adventure, travelling around the world, meeting new people and finding himself..

He knew who he was, where his talents and opportunities lay and he set out to share them with the world.

Valiant - Mixed Media Art on Watercolour 

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