Sunday, 22 June 2014

Gratitudes and Celebrations - Face your fear

Face your fear, name it, and then move on...

What is your biggest fear that stands in the way of your creativity, that you know you should be doing, but for some reason you always talk yourself out of, saying that next time you will get round to it, but you never do and time is ticking?

We all have something that we put aside for one reason or another, and before we know it a few years have passed and we don't know were the time has gone, but gone it has.

Our fears are 'False Expectations Appearing Real' and are usually without substance, and if you actually examined where the source of the fear stemmed from you would be surprised.  I was thinking today about those experiences that we had in our childhood and which now have an impact in our adult lives.  Many things that went unresolved, unsaid, and every so often come back to haunt the adult you.  Stepping back and giving the child in you the care that it needed at the time of the event will impact greatly on how you feel, and the things you do tomorrow.

Those unsaid things and incidents form clutter in our minds, hearts and spirit and weigh down on our today, making us feel less than, unable to move forward.  So today, make one action of self care, it doesn't matter what it is, but that you have taken the time out to notice.  Show some love to yourself and start clearing the mind clutter that needs to be shown the door.

I am grateful today and celebrate facing those things that I was previously fearful of, looking forward to getting rid of those thoughts that bear no fruit in my life.

Gratitude's and celebration Journal - Facing your fears
What will your next move be?
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