Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bearing gifts - Danielle New sculpture

Danielle, is my latest sculpture, made from clay and fabric and in her hands are a tray of what look like pebbles or stones but among them is a diamond.

As I was making this piece I wanted to express how we can be totally oblivious to the treasures that we have within.  We look at others comparing ourselves without realizing that we are comparing our beginning to someones middle or end.

We are all on a journey and along the way we have the opportunity to uncover more treasures that will take us to the next level, it could be that we learn a new skill, uncover a talent or ability and that takes us in a different direction.

These treasures won't often be glaringly obvious, we have to dig around, take our time and many a time 'step out' feeling vulnerable, scared and often out of our comfort zone.

What treasures are locked up within you that are waiting to present themselves and take you on a different journey, perhaps an adventure or two!

 Danielle is part of a series of sculptures/figurines that I have been making, she is currently making her way to the sunny shores of Barbados.  If you would like to commission a piece or buy one that you have seen on either one of my blogs you can email me at amanda(at)realityarts(dot)co(dot)uk

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