Friday, 10 July 2015

Gratitude's and Celebration - New Sculpture - Elouise

For a long time as an artist I have been searching for that medium that would help me feel as if I fitted in.  I went on a journey exploring different mediums and styles, and it took a lot of pushing, and prodding, getting out of my comfort zone and sometimes just trying again.

After a while I became happier with what I was producing, understanding that we all have those moments of feeling as if we are not good enough and that critical voice can stop you in your tracks if you let it.

You can hide that gift, or talent and never embark on that thing that would change how you looked at yourself and your art.

Today I celebrate and I am grateful to all those supportive voices that cheer me on, who encourage and who are leading the way themselves on their own beautiful journey.

This sculpture I have called Elouise, as I was making her I was reminded about the ties that bind us - the ones that are external and the ones which we bind ourselves with.  She is in the process of breaking free and finding her joy and passion which is to dance.

I hope as you step out of your comfort zone you are surrounded by those who are your cheerleaders and supporters and you take that brave step to silence your critics despite the shape or form they make take.

Stay blessed and be a blessing!
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