Monday, 30 January 2017

Do you want to get your Creative Juices flowing? ....#101010

Hey there, we are counting down the days for the start of the online Course – One BADASS Art Journal.   It officially starts on 6th February 2017. There are some great teachers, 19 Lessons with lots of juicy videos, inspiration and lot and lots of FUN!!

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With only a few days left before we start the course I wanted to give you a great opportunity before the class starts - totally FREE - 10 prompts, in 10 days for 10 minutes #101010:

Take part over the next few days with 10 mini exercises to kick start your creativity - every day for 10 days I will be giving you a creative tip/prompt/idea.  I want you to spend a minimum of 10 minutes, longer if you can to do the exercises and let me know how you feel after the 10 days.  
While you prepare yourself for the BADASS Journal course, or if you are still in-between stages of making up your mind I wanted to bless you over the next few days.  These 10 prompts  to kick start your creativity come from my bigger publication of 65 Ways to kick start your Creativity, and you get 10 different ways for free!

The great thing about these ideas is that anyone can do them, you don’t need to be an artist, so if you are looking for ways to unwind or give yourself that much needed time then these are things ideas that you should try.

For each activity you can try it using different mediums or surfaces, colours - do not limit yourself.  I want to give you ways in which you can experiment if you want to.  You can adapt it anyway you like to suit, and there are no right or wrong ways to create, so do not put any boundaries on yourself. The most important thing is to have fun. 

I am really looking forward to have you join us on the One BADASS Journal and I have a lovely lesson to share with you, and some of the creative tips you can take part in over the next 10 days will help loosen you up a bit, and whether or not you take the course they will be useful to you as you embark on your creative journey.

When you take the opportunity to purchase your class through my link you will get two great bonuses sent to you and they include:

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25 Way to fit Art and Creativity into your life and is filled with some great ways to find the time to be more creative.  
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Canvas Embellishment art class with over 2 hours of training and together they are both worth over $30.  If you have taken this class before don’t worry there are additional hints and tips that I have added, a great workbook, with lots of process photos for you to see as you create your work of art.  In the class you will see the way I approach painting on a canvas and embellishing, and you are totally welcome to do the painting as I have done, or you can use the tips and create something of your own.  You will walk away from the class with a selection of useful tools that you can go on and use in other paintings.

While you make up your mind for the BADASS Art Journal course you can play around with these tips. 

Join me HERE tomorrow - totally FREE - 10 prompts, in 10 days for 10 minutes #101010 You will get the first tip tomorrow, if you don’t want to miss a day and get them straight to your inbox, then you can sign up to my Mailing list for the 10 prompts, in 10 days for 10 minutes #101010.

I will also be giving you some inspiration via Instagram so check me out there as well, and if you are sharing what you do over the next 10 days on Instagram add the hashtags #101010 and #realityarts

Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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