Monday, 2 January 2017

31 Things to Create with Recycled Materials - Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 1 & 2

Welcome, Welcome, if I haven't yet wished you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, glad you could make it.  It is so weird that we are at the start of the year so soon.  Time seems to be moving faster the older you get, and we try and hold on for longer looking back to those times when time seemed to be limitless.


Any how, this month is seeing me get involve, plan, put in place lots of things that I hope will be a blessing to you.  I will be taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge which started yesterday on the 1st January 2017.  I am not sure quite what happened, well yes I did - Family happened and I didn't get my act together before hand and upload my post for you to get into the action yesterday with me, so you get two posts in one today! (smile)

31 Things to Create with Recycled Materials

Over the Christmas and New Year there seems to be a lot of waste generated and I have found quite a few ways to do something about it!

For the rest of the month I will be sharing 31 Things to Create with Recycled Materials, these are things that I have made and use in my studio.  I have found so many uses for the things that readily get thrown away (if you don't have the recycling facilities in your area) and I have also found great ways to create the things that help with storage that you would normally purchase and costs sometimes and arm and a leg when it comes to storage for art supplies.

I will also be sharing many of the creative tools and techniques I have been able to use, make, that serve me not only in my studio but also around the home, some of them are really cool, and I hope you like them.  Check out the videos that I will be creating alongside these posts on my YouTube Channel

By the end of the 31 days you will be looking at those things you recycle with new eyes, and you will also be thinking about the things that you can make. I will be creating some 'How to' videos and tutorials for you, so if you see something that I have shown you that you would like to make then let me know that you would like to learn that specific thing.

Why not be part of the creative solution to doing something about our environment and see what you could create with the things you have around your home - and it means that one less bag goes to landfill!

So here are the first two things that you can create:

Day 1: Supplies holder made from Toilet Rolls and paper

The sections are made from toilet rolls card board and then wrapped with rolled newspaper.  It all makes for a very sturdy storage container and can be made in a variety of designs.

A handy loop is created at the back to allow the container to be hung up or stand up.

The only other materials that were used was gesso, paint and glue.  This container was also part of my Creating on a Budget posts and I did a video for you to get a better look.  It can be further decorated with doodles, or embellishments.

Day 2: Weaved paper storage container

This was a lot of fun to create, and I would love to try bigger things to create.  I have seen some cool baskets and rugs weaved from these paper tubes.  They are very sturdy once rolled and can be shaped into a variety of things - worth a try!

This container is made entirely out of rolled paper that is glued together.  A combination of the rolled paper and the weave technique gives you a very strong storage container.

I painted it white once I had put it all together and then added some glitter paint.  It does the trick and holds some of my scissors and other tools.  

Do check out my YouTube Channel to see some of my videos created .

Come back and join me tomorrow to see what else I have been making.  Stay blessed and be a blessing.
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