Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Toilet Roll Journals - 31 Things to Create with Recycled Materials

Toilet Roll Journal 1

Cardboard arts and craft activities are great ways of making things that not only children can enjoy but also adults as well.

I found a great way of using something we have around us and use every day and these often end up in the bin. I started looking at these as a possible craft addition when I saw some of these Craft Ideas on Pinterest I ended up making an art journal, with inserts that you can use for tags and special notes I shared how I made this Journal in a post HERE   I will be doing a video so that you can see all the contents and the different tags.

It was a joy to make once you have worked out just how the journal will sit, and the different sections I wanted. It all began to come together and once again I was able to utilize all the smaller tags, cards, papers and embellishments that you see on the inside of the pages.

Join me tomorrow where I show you another Journal Making idea from Toilet tube roll and whether you are re-purposing, reusing or altering, you can make something that is unique to you. 

Stay blessed and be a blessing!
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