Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Pantone Color of the Year 2017 and Visit to St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados - Greenery Inspiration

I am taking part in the Creative Arts Collaboration Facebook Group color challenge, which starts today and our posts and videos will be inspiration around the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 which is Greenery.

I shared in a previous post all the various things in my studio that share the same color HERE, and here are some of the images from the post, in which you can see the color and many shades popping up.
Greenery around the studio

I do find the color both inspiring and relaxing at the same time.

And I was quite surprised at how many examples of the color I do have around my studio space and that I use in my art.
Sneak Peak at some artwork in the studio

I wanted to share with you in this post a sneak peak at some of the art work that I am going to share with you in a few days, but to also look at a visit I made with my family to St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados.  We will look at some of the very obvious examples of 'Greenery' as St Nicholas is set in a lush environment, and the not so obvious examples of the color showing up.

St Nicholas Abbey is one of the islands oldest surviving plantations, set in over 400 acres of cane fields, tropical gullies, mahogany forests and formal gardens...... for more information click HERE

We paid them a visit to take in a tour of the grounds and see how the rum was made with brother-in-law Mike, hubby - Alan and Son Sekani.
Enjoying the grounds we spent quite a while wandering round

We got to see how the rum was made, had a taste or two and walked leisurely around the gardens which was very beautifully maintained.  It is owned by Anna and Larry Warren who we met, and Anna showed us where they bottled the rum, all done by hand, the bottles engraved and enjoyed all over the world.
Anna Warren and Amanda Trought-Springer (St Nicholas Abbey) Surrounded by Greenery
Anna shows us some of the many things produced from the sugar and packed by hand

I do recommend that you go and visit if you are ever in St Peter, Barbados.  While I was at St Nicholas Abbey I looked out for examples of the - Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 which is Greenery and indeed it was all around.  I took some obvious and not so obvious shots.
We took in everything

I picked out the color every where I went, from the hazy green on the walls in the corridor, to the air exposed corrosion on metal which gave a pale green color...
All the little detail - the stories to tell..

Around the grounds we saw many examples of Greenery
an inspiring color

where the sugar canes were crushed and the juice squeezed out, machinery maintained, moss finding a home, blending in, memories implanted in the brickwork,
color in places you might not normally notice

 walking around the grounds, very peaceful hearing the wind dancing in between the leaves, telling a different story from long ago.
take your time and soak in the environment

Seeing the color in the rum soaked scotch bonnet peppers, as they loose their redness  and fade to green to the delicate leaves painted on the crockery in the restaurent.  Look out of any window and catch the color!
Visitors always welcome!

Light hits the etched glass, reflections past and bounces off the leaves that danced and wave through the windows.

A final good bye at Cherry Tree Hill will pull you back so much more to see ... next time!

Last views at Cherry Tree Hill

Tour done, I end my day at home with a cup of Earl Gray tea and a little something sweet!
Might have to add a little rum in!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of the color inspiration at my visit to St Nicholas Abbey.  We enjoyed our visit and will go again, there is still so much to see and take in.  

Do check out my YouTube channel for my video inspiration around the Pantone Color of the Year on Saturday where I will show you examples of my outdoor garden inspiration and some of my art where I have used the color. If you want to see more of the Caribbean I have started a Destination Barbados blog for all of my Caribbean inspiration through photos and blogs.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.

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