Monday, 29 October 2018

Stepping Out Challenge - Day 29 - Memories of Home 2

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Welcome to day 29 of the blog challenge.  It is funny how talking about the challenge again has brought up so many memories for me.  As I walk down memory lane some of the posts I had written in the original challenge feel as if they are only yesterday. 

Today is the second part of the Memories from Home reflections, and I am really glad that you could join me.

We grew up in a 3 bedroom apartment.  My sister had her own bedroom, my brother and I had to share until my sister left home to go to University. We had moved into the house when I was 7 years old and grew up and eventually left home when we felt that we were grown.  

It was our family home for over 33 years and we would have family dinners on the weekends, and continued the practice when we had children of our own.  When mum became ill with Dementia we needed to consider an adapted flat that would cater to a wheelchair, and her increasing needs. 

The Memories from Home posts came at the right time for me, I had lost my best friend 2 years previously and then my Brother passed and it was like a big hole had been left and there was nothing that could quite ease the feeling.  

As I wrote the posts and looked back to what we used to do as children, and the adventures that we had I realised that when you stir up the memories that you shared it helped heal some of the wounds left by your loved ones departing.   

I smiled at the things that we did as children, all the near scrapes, the laughter and adventure we shared.  I also smile at the way we began to sound like our parents – all those things that you swore you would never say suddenly start to roll off your tongue when trying to discipline your child, and you hear yourself say the words and your mind is saying  'really'.

Going down memory lane every now and again is an important activity, and if you can write about those times you help preserve your own piece of history that your children and your children’s children can treasure.

What things about your childhood, traditions and memories  can you think about? Take time to journal, or create an art journal page.

I look forward to having you join me for tomorrows post where I will be sharing about the Gratitude’s and Celebration Challenge.   I hope you have been able to you find some time to challenge, be creative and stretch yourself.

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    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, it is never too late to start! The main thing is to take one step at a time and do something that you find interesting.

    Stay blessed and be a blessing.

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