Thursday, 25 October 2018

Stepping Out Challenge - Day 25 - Gratitude's

Welcome to today's post, In which I will be talking about gratitude

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The gratitude’s Challenge came about after listening to a motivational speaker online, he talked about gratitude and for us to think about what we were grateful for in our life.  He also mentioned the idea of writing them down, and meditating on them daily.  

I started to think of all the things that blessed me, that I know I take for granted, each and every day.  Some of the things would make an impact if they weren’t available to me so I thought about some of these things and began to take note of them.  Some of these things involve areas of our lives that we pay no mind, practical things, creativity, and my studio space.

What are the things that you are grateful for, we can become complacent not only about the what we have but the things that we don’t pay much mind to as it an automatic function, but would greatly affect us if we didn’t have it, like the air we breathe and the beating of our heart.  Someone has woken up with a faulty pacemaker, or has to use an oxygen tank.  Some have awoken and no longer have their sight or hearing, and now have that to deal with.  We can take our health for granted, not looking after our bodies, but wanting to be free from pain.

For years I was convinced there was a problem with my knees, I couldn’t bend down without being in some sort of pain, the doctor offered an anti-inflammatory which was a temporary fix, that I didn’t want to take and be dependent on.  When I started exercising and lost weight the pains disappeared, I had been causing the pain myself through not taking care of my health and then taking for granted what I had.

The challenge was necessary for me, as it allowed me to reconnect with all that was important in my life, not only physical and material things but relationships, and the things we take for granted around us, such as feeling the breeze on my skin, hearing the sound of the waves, the birds, the morning sunshine and much more.

What do you need to take stock of, as you consider the things that you have been taking for granted?
Tomorrow I will look at ways you can incorporate a practice of gratitude into your life.

Tomorrow I will share the second part of Gratitude's series.  I hope during this month you find some time to challenge, be creative and stretch yourself.

    Why not join me each day for the rest of October as we dive into to some exciting challenges and look at ways in which they can impact on your own life. 

    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, it is never too late to start! The main thing is to take one step at a time and do something that you find interesting.

    Stay blessed and be a blessing.

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