Saturday 10 November 2018

Realityarts - Podcasts Weekly - Episode 24 and 25 - Inspiration

Blessings, to one and all.  In this weeks podcasts I touch on two connected areas.  One of the areas is where we have to make room for growth, in order to see things clearly.  We can be so used to playing small, that when the opportunity arises to do more we are not sure what to do with ourselves and we keep the same 'small mentality', without realising that we have all that we need to do more and be more.  

Points to Ponder

Maybe there are things that you can think about where you should have been playing much bigger but contained yourself?  

How did you feel when you realised that you could actually do a lot more and you never gave yourself the opportunity?

Making room for Growth

Episode 25 - Nurturing Your Environment

In this episode which is a very quick one I look at how we can change our environment to be a more nurturing one which will definitely have an impact on our outlook and how we approach things that happen in our lives.

You can start small, add some plants, tidy up, clear some of the clutter, but do something for 'you' that will have a positive impact.  As you work on you others around you are effected, and the blessings can really spread.  Take time to see what you can do, and let me know how you get on in the comments or one of the other social platforms you can find me on.

Tune in next Monday for another Episode, hope you can join me as we unlock our hidden talents.  Let me know what podcast platform you prefer listening to the podcast on.

Stay blessed and be a blessing

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