Thursday 1 November 2018

Stepping Out Challenge - 31 Days - Reflections

Welcome to today's post.  Last month wrote about a challenge that I was taking part in over the month of October and looked at some of the challenges that I had taken part in over the years.  

It was great reconnecting with some of the challenges and reminding myself of what I had achieved.

It is important to have a proper time of reflection and very often you are so thankful that you made it to the end that you can find yourself stepping from challenge to challenge, with no time to really think about what you like and dislike about taking part.

I have a lot of other projects that took a back seat while I was doing the challenge and want to get back to working on them.  I really enjoyed doing it and as I mentioned yesterday I learnt a lot about working with podcasts, editing and found hidden gems in the challenges that I was sharing that I will be revisiting and working on.  All in all it has created a whole new set of activities in motion that I am looking forward in  working on.

If you missed some of the posts for the Stepping Out Challenge I have listed them below, they lead to the blog post and has a link to the podcast which has additional material within it.   Hope you have taken the step for making the rest of the year rewarding, by learning as much as you can, challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone

Day 1 & 2 - Challenge Starts

Day 3 - Art Studio Essentials 1
Day 4 - Art Studio Essentials 2

Day 5 - Tropical Garden 1
Day 6 - Tropical Garden 2

Day 7 - 31 Art Journals 1
Day 8 - 31 Art Journals 2

Day 9 - A - Z of Dementia 1
Day 10 A - Z of Dementia 2

Celebrating Life

Day 11 - Tips for Carers 1
Day 12 - Tips for Carers 2

Tips for Carers

Day 13 - Healthier Lifestyle 1
Day 14 - Healthier Lifestyle 2

Day 15 - 365 Days of Colour 1
Day 16 - 365 Days of Colour 2

Day 17 - Writing Challenge 1
Day 18 - Writing Challenge 2

Day 19 - Clearing the Clutter 1
Day 20 - Clearing the Clutter 2

Day 21 - 52 Weeks of Colour & Inspiration
Day 22 - 52 Weeks of Colour & Inspiration 2

Day 23 - Creating in Faith 1
Day 24 - Creating in Faith 2

Day 25 - Gratitude's 1
Day 26 - Gratitude's 2

Day 27 - I love you today because 1

Day 28 - Memories of Home 1
Day 29 - Memories of Home 2

Day 30 - Gratitude's and Celebrations 1
Day 31 - Gratitude's and Celebrations 2

I would love to know if you have started a challenge for yourself, or are you thinking of it? 

 Do you want to explore some ideas that you would like to start or have been mulling over in your mind and have some feedback, then join the mailing list and you can have an email feedback to help you on your way?

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