Thursday, 10 October 2013

In the news.....Craftseller Magazine Surprize and more!

Paper Love
I love paper,  always have, not only the textures but the different colours and weights.  Over the years I have built up quite a collection and love finding different uses for the paper in my work. I also like buying art and craft magazines, they are filled with inspiration and ideas, and most come with additional free items for you to use in your work whether samples of paper, stamps or both.

Craftseller Magazine - issue 28
I recently found a uk magazine called Craftseller which encourages creatives to make and sell their products.  Within the magazine they always include a selection of paper with some amazing designs, so I decided to see what I could do with the selection that I had and how they would work with some mini journals and tags I was making.  I made a selection of mini chunky journals and cards, they are part of my Capturing Moments Journals series, which I will share with you on Saturday. 

Chunky Journals - Capturing Moments
Craftseller Readers submission - 
I then took the step to submit my work to Craftseller, it wasn't a formal submission, just a readers letter and example of what I had done.  They then wrote back informing me that they would be including my images in the magazine.

Chunky Mini Journals with Tags

Capturing Moments Chunky Journal details
Star Letter Surprise
They sent me a copy of the magazine in the post, my journals were put in issue 28 above.  I saw that as well as putting my chunky journals in their magazine they also awarded me the star letter and I received a £45 voucher to buy products of my choice from Stickytiger supplies!  I was over the moon and I brought a selection of stamps and stencils, it was a lovely surprise and boost as I go down the road of submitting some more of my craft based work.

Katherines Corner
Thursday Favorite ThingsToday is also Thursdays Favourite Things on Katherines Corner Take a stroll over there and visit some of the inspiring blogs listed in the links, you can leave a link to your post and show some support to others who have listed theirs.  

Round up
Other news today, I am stocking up on lots of vitamin and mineral rich food, the flu seems to be going round and a lot of people around me have become victims, my mother has been sniffing and sneezing a lot, and with the elderly you have to make sure they keep as fit as ever, so the old time remedies of ginger, honey and lemon come to the rescue and wrapping up warm.

I am very happy to share that Alan Springer - My husband, has republished his book E-Kidz - Mission to Cyberspace with Hansib publishers.  The book is about e-safety and encourages chilodren through fiction and information to be more aware of the dangers of the Internet.  I will no doubt be getting him to share his work over the next few months. Take a look at his Ekidz website

Tomorrow I will be sharing the latest Gratitude's and Celebration Journal page, take some time to think about what you have been grateful for and remember to celebrate something about your life. Hope you've had a blessed day, check out some of the links, leave a comment and do let me know what you've been up to!


  1. I will be making some journals using yours as inspiration. My gr-daughters and I made some rough ones last year. Now, I'll up the game!

    1. Susan, go for it, it has been great, it is lovely that you have got your granddaughters interested!

  2. Hi Amanda .. congratulations on being featured in the magazine - wonderful news. Also a prize you obviously loved ... more paper and pens etc ..

    Your husband's idea sounds a very good one - I hope he has much success ..

    Cheers and enjoy making your journals .. Hilary

    1. Hilary, thanks, winning the supplies was the icing. Alan is working hard to get the book out there, he will even have the benefit of my challenge hints and tips.

  3. I'm making an altered book which is much like this chunky journal. The more I do to it the chunkier it gets - LOL. Fun stuff!

    1. Talya, its great making them and very satisfying adding all the contents. Looking forward to seeing yours!


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