Sunday, 15 March 2015

Greetings from the US of A and Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers around the world!

I have taken some time away from my schedules in the UK to take a trip to Virginia and New York

Snowed in at the Airport

We are thankful that the snow is on the melt, when we flew into New York last week on route to Virginia we were snowed in as flights came to a stand still in New York. Thankfully Virgin put us up in a hotel for the night so we didn't have to stay at the airport waiting for the next flight the following day.

On our way to Virginia at last!

While in Virginia, we drove down to Washington with Alan's Sister Yvonne and Sekani and did a 6 hour tour with Signature Tours (I thoroughly recommend!) which enabled us to get a snapshot taste of the city.  You really have to spend longer in the city, so it is on my list for next time!

Tour stopping outside the White House

We got to see the White House up close and personal, they forgot we were coming so we didn't get an invite in!

Also took in a stroll to the monument on arrival to Washington

Spent some time with Alan's sister Yvonne and later that week her son and daughter joined us, it was great catching up with them.

When we got back to Williamsburg, Virginia I got an opportunity to see my friend and fellow Artist Mika from Motley Soul.  We got so caught up in chatting and looking round her studio and getting to know her beautiful family that we forgot to take a picture together.  I left for New York and arrived yesterday to see my cousin and his family and see some of the sites here in New York -  we are also enjoying the brisk weather.

I will be posting more on my return and have a few things to show you this week that I had been working on, and some of the great supplies that Mika passed on to me on my visit. Here is something that I have been working on with the supplies I managed to buy on my trip to Virginia.

It is the beginning background stages, so when I get a chance will be adding more and hopefully completing it. Also working on a few pen and ink drawings that I will be sharing along with some more photographs when I get the chance to post.....

What have you been up to and in what way are you spending time with family this week.

Stay blessed and be a blessing!


  1. Hi Amanda .. what a lovely trip - and so pleased you're able to get away and enjoy seeing family and friends ... cheers for now - Hilary

  2. Hey Amanda you were in my neck of the woods. I was raised in the Hampton Roads area, and can envision myself along on the trip and remembering home. Hope you all have a safe and blessed return.


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