Thursday, 24 October 2013

In the news - Change, Coming Soon Club and Competition winner

Welcome to another special day, for us to be able to share our gifts, connect and make a difference in whatever way possible. Even the smallest effort can make a difference.  

Flowers still in bloom - in October!

Yesterday I spent time in a park close to where I grew up as a child.  It brought back memories of my adventures with my brother Robert who passed away in June.  In thinking of our loss I still have a hard time believing he is gone, I said to my son Sekani that this time last year I was sitting in my brother's kitchen over a cup of tea talking about our creative paths, without a clue of what was to come.  As children we sometimes use to go to the park after school and play because it was close to our home.  The area has changed a lot over the years.  

Outdoor Gym open to all!

The park is now also home to an outside gym to encourage the locals to get fit, and a skateboard park and basket ball pitch for the younger crowd.  The apartments that you can see in the picture above used to be a school.  As you look around the park you can see that they have really taken time to consider what facilities they provide which has made it more accessible for community that live there. 

Creativity and organisation

Over the past couple of weeks I made a conscious decision that I wanted to make several changes to my processes, organisation, output etc.  I was feeling as if the things that I really wanted to do and see come to pass were so far out of my reach.  I prayed that the changes in my life I had been working on to manifest, would start to be evident.  This is really where patience comes in, any change that will be lasting takes effort and time.  You can decide to do nothing and change will still take place, whether it will bring the results you seek is another matter.  I guess in some cases my impatient side was looking for the immediate, but also know that unless you plan and make adjustments then you won't get the results you require.  

I looked at my output in my writing and art and wanted to become more focused, sharing and interacting more.  This is one of the changes that I have made on my blog, by having specific areas that I will share each day.  The frequency of my posting has increased and I have attempted to be more consistent in sharing part of my world with those that visit and also to stretch myself. For those who haven't yet noticed I have a new blog schedule:

Fabric and Crochet

Tutorial Tuesday
How to....

Memories of Home
Mixed Media houses

In the News!
What's on?

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal
What are you grateful for?

Recycled Projects
Reuse, Recycle & Up-cycle

Creating in Faith - Discussions and more
I am trying to work across the board with all of my social media, but as you probably understand - there is only so much time in a day, but with perseverance and passion a way will be made, and I hope you continue to join me as my work and practices evolve.


I ran a competition last week on my Capturing Moments tutorial post, the prize is the mini journal below. 
The winner is Bloomers, and I am also giving a runners up prize of a mini journal and this will go to Ann K from Cairn Cottage.  Well done to both of you, hope you enjoy your mini journals!

Hot desk at the Coming Soon Club...

An organisation called  The Coming Soon Club has set up enterprise initiatives for local people who want to test out a business idea or arts or community project in a temporary space.  They not only provide the space but mentoring advice as well.  They also provide facilities hot desk and internet connection for those who normally work from home which is great if you want to dip your feet in every now and again into the office environment without the office politics.  I used them recently when my internet connection went down, it was great to be able to get on with some focused work without the distractions of home.  It is very relaxed space, they have some exhibitions on the way and they have a small cafe serving refreshments.

Creativity and Social Work

Tomorrow I am giving a talk to a group of social workers training for their AMPH qualification.  My talk focuses on being a carer and the impact of the role on my life, I will also be able to share some creative tools and reflections that I have used.  It is my third year of presenting this talk and it is great to be able to interact with the students and see how they begin to reflect on their own roles and the impact it may have on carers.

And finally...

Katherines Corner

Thursday Favorite ThingsToday is also Thursdays Favorite Things on Katherines Corner Take a stroll over there and visit some of the inspiring blogs listed in the links, you can leave a link to your post and show some support by visiting others who have listed theirs.  

Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Hi Amanda .. I admire your ability to achieve so much in a day .. and yes you've had a challenging year .. Robert must impact so much in your thoughts ... but you'd shared your ideas for your creative paths and that must be satisfying.

    The change -so much .. gorgeous flowers ... but way too warm weather ... we had a tree down - thankfully no damage .. but I'd rather the other one was taken down too ... before that crashes, as that will hit my car and the flat (even though that is rented!) ...

    The AMPH .. I'd love to come to one of your talks - it would be so interesting and informative .. and I'd relate a great deal too ..

    with thoughts and looking forward to your ongoing posts - Hilary

  2. I seem to think of Robert constantly he still upper most in our thoughts, it seems like only yesterday, thinking about the good times is helping and being creative has been the light that keeps me going.

    We have had a tree down on one of our roads, but apart from that there haven't been much, the clouds darkened and the hale has been showering down, but as I type the sun is trying to show its face. Have a blessed week!


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