Friday, 4 October 2013

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal - Week 13 - Recharge

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal - Week 13

It is time to recharge your batteries - let the renewal begin
Recharge and Renew

There are times where we find that the things that we used to be able to do quite easily ever so slowly become harder, and I am not including the ageing process which we all naturally face, but the times where we have been running our bodies down and the stresses that can come with that alongside poor nutrition impact on our life until we eventually hit empty.  We then find ourselves wondering why we feel so tired and in pain, and if your not careful your body turns around and forces you to stop. 

Every now and then we need to sit back and allow our bodies to get the rest and nourishment it needs along with the exercise and care.  Don't wait until January when you make your New Years resolution to promise yourself to take time out and get fit, do something about it today, this week!  You also need to seek out activities that allow the mind to rest from the constant information overload. 

I am grateful that I can have access to information and resources that show me how to care for my body and give it the rest it needs to face another day.  Working in a journal and being creative allows my mind to process ideas and information and acts as a pressure guage.  I also celebrate that despite being October, here in London we are having wet but mild weather and there are some pretty changes that can be observed happening to the landscape this time of the year. 

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal - week 13 - It is time - are you ready?

As this week draws to a close can you think of the areas where you need to allow your body to rest? Take some time out, and give yourself permission to take stock and see what parts of your life that you need to recharge and renew. Do let me know what you plan to do.    Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Hi Amanda .. we all need to look ourselves and that balance of life .. I have a few projects on the go - and will finish those. I might have to sort a boiler problem out here - that could throw me a wobbly! However .. thankfully I can relax around Christmas and the New Year - I can be peaceful then ...

    As you say - London was warm last Thursday and we've had the most amazing day down here .. gorgeous ...

    Have a good week ahead and we must catch up .. possibly after next weekend ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary wishing you all the best as you juggle your commitments, looking forward to catching.


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