Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I Love you today because - Day 18 and 19

I Love you today because....

You have a thirst for wisdom and knowledge and you are following your dreams!

Our brains are more complex than any computer that has been created.  There is never a time that you will ever know enough, there is so much in this world to learn about, so much to experience and insights to gain.  There is something new every day that you can learn that will take you that step closer to your dreams - you are never too old.  It takes courage to step out and make a decision. When your feeling off course you will find ways to get yourself back.  Nurture and spend time on walking towards your dreams, you’ll get there – what are you waiting for, make a list and get to it! 

Show some love
Thing about 1 thing that you've always wanted to learn and take steps to realize that dream

Share some love
Become a mentor, pass on a skill and share your experience with others.

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