Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fresh Linen - Memories of Home

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Being in a supportive environment is important to our growth as individuals, not everyone has had that opportunity and as adults we try and create an environment that will nurture and bless our children and indeed ourselves.

When we were little we had what was known as an 'airing cupboard, which housed the hot water cylinder for the boiler.  It was quite a large cupboard and would warm up from the heat radiating from the padded cylinder.  My dad fitted three shelves in the cupboard and this was where clean bedding and towels were kept. When you opened it you would be met with the sweet aromas of the washing powder and the fabric conditioner which would caress your nostrils and make you think of tropical islands, .....ok, maybe not the islands but they always smelt great!

It was great to use a towel that had just come out of the cupboard after a bath as it was always warm and gave you a cozy comforting feeling.  With the bed sheets mum would always iron them before placing them in the cupboard and whilst it isn't a practice that I have continued I definitely feel the difference sleeping on ironed sheets!

Mixed media on wooden panel

What was your favorite memory as a child, take time out if only for 10 minutes to think about recreating those special moments this week. I hope you continue to join me on my journey over the weeks, as I share my mixed media houses and look back to the memories of home. I look forward to hearing about some some of your own memories. Blessings and peace to you!


  1. Hi Amanda ... I was talking with friends today about hanging the washing out on the line to dry ... we also had an aga, with a line above it to finishing drying things off.

    Thankfully our houses are better insulated now and in many places the boiler has been replaced with another more efficient sort ... but I did love layering up clothes to air off. I do iron my sheets .. but then only have me!

    Cheers and have a happy weekend .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary, we are getting warmer weather now, so I guess the washing line will get more use with the milder days!


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