Friday, 7 February 2014

Gratitude's and Celebrations - Week 31 - This was meant to be

Gratitude's and Celebration
The saying, 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail' reminds us that what ever we choose to do today will have an outcome whether we like it or not.  In seeking to make changes we can sometimes forget that it takes time that step by step each and every day.

If you did nothing you would still get change - days pass, you age, the kids get older, but your input in all this requires that you make a choices.  You had a choice yesterday, you have a choice today and you have a choice tomorrow.  

Sometimes change requires us to be in the moment, to deal with where we are and let things be - requiring no action from us but patience. What will you decide to do?

I celebrate where I am at the moment, that I am able to make choices for my future, grateful for the journey that I have been on and insights gained.

What have you done so far with the day that you have, How can you just 'be' in the moment today? I would love to hear from you and share what you will be doing. As this week draws to a close have a blessed weekend! If you want to see how I made the journal (click here) Blessings!

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