Monday, 3 February 2014

I love you today because....Unique

I love you today because.......

You are Unique

Yes, you are unique, there is only one of you, perfectly fashioned and formed. You are created for a purpose, you are not a copy and there will not be another like you.  Be aware of your gifts, talents and abilities and step up and out.

Self portrait Image for the day...

I love you today because you are unique!

Show some love....
What one thing do you think sets you apart that you could make more of?

Share some love....
Think about one thing that a close friend or relative has that sets them apart and makes them special and let them know about it.

To find out why 'I love you today' February Series click on the image below

I am also taking part in the 29 Faces Challenge for February, check out my mixed media site to see the additional images that will be posted.

29 faces challenge


  1. This will be wonderful post to follow throughout the month, just as it always is.

  2. Susan thanks for stopping by, will be looking forward to taking part.

  3. As always, your posts make me feel happy ... they are so positive and uplifting. I think that we all have a tendency to forget that we are all unique and special. What a wonderful place the world would be if we all cherished that about each other. Thanks for a beautiful reminder!

    1. Bless you, I am glad my posts encourages, it would really make a difference in the world if we appreciated each other more, have a great day!


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