Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I love you today because....You are amazing

I Love you today because  
You are amazing

You are amazing, fearfully and wonderfully made.  You have an abundance of gifts, talents and abilities each waiting to be unveiled each waiting to be a blessing....go for it!

You are Amazing - Pen and Ink, Promarker, and watercolour

Show some love

Today is the day to appreciate your life, do something creative.

Share some love

Use one of your gifts today to be a blessing to someone else

To find out why 'I love you today' February Series click on the image below


  1. God has made me more aware of kindness and love that I need to project to others. Sometime, I will try to do a self-portrait--yours are so awesome.

  2. Susan, it is those simple things such as love and kindness that so many are crying out for (but then don't realise it)! Go for the self-portrait, you be surprised - you get to 'really' look at yourself - with love!


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