Saturday, 6 January 2018

My 31 Art Studio Essentials - Graphite Tint and Soluble Graphite

The Video

A couple of my absolute favorite supplies has to be my water-soluble graphite pencil and my charcoal pencils
that I use whenever I work in my art journals or creating a painting.

I also use, but not often enough the Derwent Graphite Tint water colors which come in some great colors and make a great addition to your supplies.  

In the video I share with you ways in which I use the supplies, and if you want a kick start you can spend time playing around with the colors and create a background page.

I have also listed some of the supplies that I mention in the blog for you to check out.

Artist Resources to check out (click on the images below)

Graphite watersoluble

Prang - Charcoal Pencils

Graphite Tint Water color pencils

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