Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My 31 Art Studio Essentials - Painters


The Video

I have been using Painters for a while now and they come in all shades, shapes and sizes.  They are single tipped and I mostly use them for writing or making marks on journal pages.

I think that they are great for marking any surface, but of course you need to test them out.  They are just right for my journal pages and will write on any medium placed on the page.

I would normally use them when I want to add additional marks on the page, and you can see below that playing around with your pens allows you to understand how you can utilize it to the full.

With one pen you are able to make a range of marks when you hold it at different angles.

This is another great activity for you to try when you want to just play and get to know your supplies.  Watch the video and have fun with what you have and see how you can use your supplies in a different way.

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