Monday, 22 January 2018

My 31 Art Studio Essentials - Stencils

I am so glad you could join me in my studio for the Art Studio Essentials Daily Series that will help you to kick start your creativity and to check out some supplies.  

Today I will be playing about with my stencils which come in all shapes and sizes, you can make your own or re-purpose other equipment.

Check out the Video Below

I have collected a wide variety of stencils over the years and first started out with the stencils you use to decorate your walls, and initially used the Dover Stencils on card that you cut out.  This then led me on the journey to find out more and get different designs.

 Do you have neglected art supplies hanging around waiting to be used, you don't want your stencils to come to the same fate.  

Check out what you can recycle and create your own stencils! 

I found ways to create some of my own stencils and these ones are from the humidifiers you can buy with a plastic lid, the lid with its patterns makes a great stencil.  

You can create some yummy texture from homemade stencils

In the video above I will show you how I use some recycled examples to make stencils.  Being creative and thinking outside the box will help you to deal with those times that you feel stuck by using your supplies in different ways.

These stencils below are using the sink mats that you can get in different shapes and sizes, the patterns are great and can create some lovely effects.

You can also create a cheap stencil from a Sink Mat!

Sometimes all we need is 5 minutes for some creative play, and you will feel so much better once you have done something, there are so many ways in which you can fit creativity into your every day!

I do hope that you get out your supplies and have some fun!

Dover Books Has over 80 Books on stencils for you to choose from

Dover Books

Paper Crafting Magazines

Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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