Monday, 8 January 2018

My 31 Art Studio Essentials - Pro-Marker Pens

The Video

Pro-Marker Pens

My Promarker pen set has grown,  I started out with the small set either 6 or 12 and then added to them over the years.  This comes under my list of essentials as I use them when I want a change from using paint and other supplies.

You get a smooth finish when using them and they also come with a blender that you can use between colors.  The downside that I found is cosmetic, they didn't come with the colors on the lid, and I have had to make my own, or purchase the stickers.

They also came with these stands which I didn't find very convenient as they took up studio space so I created a pen holder for myself from recycled materials.

You can check out the holder that I created out of recycled materials, and also take a look at the resources below.

Check out how I created this Promarker Pen Holder from recycled materials HERE

Art Resources to Check out

Letraset Promarkers

Neon Markers

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