Sunday 22 December 2013

Creating in Faith - Reflections on the Series

Since July 2012 I have been posting a weekly post called ‘Creating in Faith’.  I started out taking part in a prayer journal hosted by Mika Diaz on Motley Soul and when it finished she asked me I wanted to continue and contribute to the group.  I began to write a weekly series taking a word and writing an encouraging message and insight around it.  I had also decided that I wanted to create what I call a ‘bookmark holder’, decorate it and it would hold a bookmark that I would write my prayer requests for that week.  
Bookmark holders
Here is the post to show you how I made them.  I wasn't sure how I would put them together, but proceeded to paint on them and fill them with imagery that spoke to me.

Each Bookmark holder has a bookmark enclosed

It has been great write the posts and have really allowed me to reflect and share on many things.
Thoughts, prayers and insights are written with the bookmarks holders

Over the year each week I wrote my thoughts and prayers, and I intend to continue to add to them and will be able to look back and see what the prayers were or a specific week, what transpired, the prayers that were answered and really see what other things will come up for the year. 
Who needs a reason to create a piece of art?

It has also been great to be able to create the book mark holders and I intend binding them together.  It will be something I can add to over the year once bound.
Experimenting with materials and colours
If you want to take a closer look at each of the completed bookmark holders and posts I will be putting a tab at the top of the page that will take you to each post.

What’s next?

I am stepping out stretching myself further and in the next couple of weeks will see the start of my video series called ‘Creative Sundays’.

In the same way as the Creating in Faith, posts I hope to give you a shot of inspiration, to get you on the road to creating yourself or giving yourself the permission to create be inspired or just play.

We can often find taking that time ourselves can get increasingly difficult with the demands of balancing life, family and work commitments.
I will aim to create a weekly piece of art and show you the process from start to finish, share some prompts, scriptures, encouraging quotes and uplifting music.

I hope you join me on my next journey and also share what you get up to.  Have you come to the end of a project that you were involved in, let me know how you got on.  Blessings


  1. Hi Amanda .. you are a source of imagination ... wonderful creative journeys and writings you've taken us through your art-work - so very clever.

    Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas season, as well as the same for the New Year ahead, with some prosperity dust settling around you .. Happy Christmas - Hilary

  2. Just to wish you a Merry Christmas full of joy and peace. Tina


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