Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sanctuary - Memories of Home

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Being in a supportive environment is important to our growth as individuals, not everyone has had that opportunity and as adults we try and create an environment that will nurture and bless our children and indeed ourselves.

Growing up being the middle child in a 3 bedroom apartment meant that you had to share with the youngest.  Up to the age of around 11 years old I had to share with my little brother.  With only a 4 year age difference between me and Robert it seemed much bigger than that of the 6 years that stood between me and my sister, and I thought that I was much more mature than I really was.  When my sister left for university it coincided with me turning 11 and going into secondary school and I finally got my own room.  I was so excited, finally in a space that was all mine and I could lay my things out just so and not have anyone trouble it, or so I thought. 

For a long while after I got my room for some reason, Robert wanted to have his own room and come into my room as well.  What I didn’t know back then that I know now, is that he just wanted to spend time with his bigger sister, and with all the little trinkets and things I collected it must have seemed like a treasure trove. But, like many young girls going though the transition into pre-teens I looked at his desire to hang out in my room with annoyance and everyone knew that little brothers were pests.

As we both grew older we began to really appreciate our space and they became our go-to places to cool off, understand, and finally be the space where you were not going to be judged or criticized.  My room was where I hung out, played music, swooned over the poster of the latest pop star and did my homework, and on special occasions would allow my brother to come in and hangout.

In my own home bringing up a family I began to understand the responsibility of trying to create the environment throughout the house that would bring a sense of peace and calm as you set your foot through the door.  Two of the elements that I carried on from childhood was from the kitchen space and making it a place to gather and unwind.  At mums when we came home and even as adults visiting we would all gather in the kitchen to catch up with each other, over a cup of tea and mums latest fruit cake or the aromas of the dinner cooking and the ginger and garlic spices being tossed around the pot that would lay way to caress the taste buds with delicious flavours.

The other thing that is important for me to have around is books. My dad always had books and super hero comics dotted around over the house on shelves and we were all encouraged to read and I often escaped to far off lands and had hair raising adventures as I read through the books on the shelf. My sanctuary and home is a combination between my own style and fond memories that I carry from childhood, and I guess my son will also carry elements of our home into his own when he has a home of his own.

What elements have you put in your space to make your home your sanctuary?  Do share and leave your comments.  Blessings!
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