Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - DIY Washi Tape - using Masking tape

Tutorial Tuesday

I have been playing about with making my own Washi Type tape, using masking tape, and here is some I made creating a variety of different designs


Here is a journal that I used the tape on and created a series of layers for the cover.

 I got a sheet of plastic and a roll of Masking tape about 11/2 inches thick
 I spread out strips of the tape on the plastic sheeting
 And then selected some paints to use on the tape.  Here I am using inktense blocks and art bars.
Once you have painted each of the strips with a layer of colour to suit you let it dry
 I then chose a selection of stencils and stamps to each of the strips of tape
 You can put as much pattern or as little pattern as you like
 I have used some paint with these ones and then applied glitter
 And with some of them I kept it more simple

Once done I covered some card and an empty foil roll with sellotape and then wound it round each.


  1. I didn't know what Washi tape was...will check it out.

  2. Susan, yes it is worth looking up it is Japanese decorative tape, comes in lots of lovely designs.


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