Friday, 6 December 2013

Gratitudes and Celebration Week 22 - You are Wonderful!

Did anyone ever tell you that you were wonderful, no? yes? what ever your answer I thought that I would remind you that you are!

I know this post is about what I am grateful for and celebrate, but that is just it, your part of that celebration!  If you have taken the time to visit my blog and read my posts you have shared a snippet of my world.  In my post last week I said no man is an island.... we are all connected somehow whether you want to be or not.

Today I want you to know that I think you are wonderful and are a blessing, and whether you comment or not, I want to remind you about that hidden talent you have, the one your weren't sure about revealing or the creative thoughts you have been wrestling with that wanted to be worked on, but you were feeling insecure about.  Even that video that you were going to make or those pictures that you wanted to take, I wanted to encourage you that even when you don't feel wonderful, someone (me) thinks you are - now go and shine your light!

Today I am grateful for you!  You have come a long way - there have been many doors and ups and downs. You know when you have persevered or nearly thrown in the towel but you kept going, you know you have and I celebrate your life. Now that you have been reminded that you are wonderful how does it make you feel?  I would love to hear from you and share what you will be tackling next.

As this week draws to a close can you think of the beautiful things in your life. Do leave a comment and have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Such a thoughtful post. Every person, from infant to elder, need to be reminded they are loved, and that they are a wonder in God's eyes.

  2. This was lovely. I appreciate you too, Amanda <3


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