Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Mini Frames

Tutorial Tuesday

Tuesdays' Mini Frames
I made a selection of mini frames at the end of November alongside some that I made into necklaces and I thought I would show you just how easy it is to create your own, from recycled materials that you probably have laying around your home.  Here is another look at the selection that I made, but you can check out the post HERE

You can create any size that you want, but I guess the small ones have a cuteness to them!

To make your own you start with the following tools.

You need cardboard from any packaging you might have laying around, 
selection of interesting images from magazines, 
handmade embellishments in a variety of sizes, 
glue, paint, 
jewelry findings - if you are going to turn it into an item of jewelry
Cardboard being recycled for a creative project
 Cut the cardboard to the required size, and select the image or embellishments that you want.  Mine measure 2 inches x 1 inch and the one with the circle embellishment measures approx 1.5 inch x 3/4 inch
Use whatever paper you have available
 I covered both sides of the cardboard with paper first,
 a couple of layers should do, then let them dry
You can use gesso or paint of choice
 Once dry, coat them with gesso, again a couple of coats and leave to dry
The stamp is for the back of the project to add interest
 I stamp the back of mine as I am going to make them into jewelry, using the stamps I made in a previous post HERE
 Once the ink has dried, give them a coat of pva glue and this will seal it.
 Attach you image to the front.  The embellishment was made using clay, painted black and highlighted with goldfinger paste.  The bear image was taken from a catalog.
Applying the glue
 Applying glue around the embellishment and the image I coated them with quinoa (which had passed its' sell-by date) and allowed them to dry
 As the embellishment was raised I applied a second coat of glue and then another coat of quinoa

 Once they had dried I coated them with paint in pewter which gives it a metallic look
Inexpensive jewelry - one of a kind
Completed necklaces with highlights of goldfinger paste.  I attached a finding and faux leather thong! 

I hope you have a go and let me see your results.  You can try using a range of materials that will give different textures and look to your project, and also try different shapes. Do have fun and share your results.  Until next week!

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