Monday 2 December 2013

Material Mondays - Recycled Bag Journal

I wanted to show you one of my favorite bags.  In its hay day It was lovely and soft, very flexible, I loved the colour, but alas I wore it out...

Whilst it was not leather, it meant that it didn't last as long with the daily uses.  I would take it every where and it began to get a bit worse for wear.  I decided that I wanted to see if I could create something else that would prolong my use of the bag.

I decided to make a cover for a journal, where the inside pages would be able to be replaceable, but I could keep the essence of the bag.  Taking it apart was easy, and in the back of my mind I had a vague idea of how I would reconstruct it.

It was one of those projects that once I started I was determined to finish.  Armed with glue, needles, wool, painted fabric and some signatures I was ready to begin working out how to put together the bag. 

I added stitching here and there and with a bit of perseverance it began to come together.

Adding tassel's on the bag
The inside detail includes painted fabric which you can recycle from old clothes or sheets.  This journal uses my sons old primary school shirt and trousers and the strips of fabric provide spaces for extra storage.  The signatures as I said are attached by the plaited blue and purple wool, and is a selection of painted papers from projects that I didn't use.
Painted recycled materials for pockets on the inside
The pockets are deep enough to store supplies and still be able to close and not be too heavy.

The bag journal came together really well, I added detail on the back using fimo clay, sequins and fabric paint and made a woolen button as the clasp.

With corresponding wool, I added tassel's and placed painted fabric on the handles give them added durability.

Quite a different looking bag now, I am looking forward to using it, might even use it as a travel journal!

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  1. I was thinking about you and stunned to see you on my blog! I love should make one with a different purse and send it to Art is unique and so vibrant n' fun! I love it~ I love reusing the items we love-so many memories. Now, with this you can keep them and make new ones! It is fabulous~

  2. Hey Ella, it was lovely to make, I might just find another one to create and send it off. There are so many ways to be creative, with all this collecting I am beginning to creep out of my studio, and have been eyeing up my sons room (see if I can convince him to swap


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