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Perfume - Memories of Home

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Being in a supportive environment is important to our growth as individuals, not everyone has had that opportunity and as adults we try and create an environment that will nurture and bless our children and indeed ourselves.

Memories of Home - Perfume


When we were younger mums favourite perfume was one by Yardley called ‘Lilly of the Valley’.  It seemed timeless, and was a lovely perfume.  It became one that mum became known for and she always had a good supply requesting it for birthdays and Christmas presents.  It was what we called a ‘mum’ scent and you would be able to smell it as she walked past or in one of those much needed TLC moments where she would give you a hug and tell you not to worry that everything would be fine and you were comforted and it all seemed alright.  Yardley back then was seen as quality, with their products being packaged and only available in certain places, it is now thought of as a perfume for the 'older lady' according to the news papers, but if your not one for fitting in with social pressure you’ll buy it if you like it!  

I grew to love perfume and the sweeter scents from a young age, when I can afford it I like to treat myself with floral tones and favour geranium, ylang ylang and jasmine.  I also find that a few of the selected men’s eau de colognes have some gorgeous scents and from time to time I have brought myself one that takes my attention, there is one that I have been eyeing up for a while called Hermes that I really like – but that will have to go on my wish list. 

A couple of years ago I found some Lilly of the Valley bulbs, and brought them not having much expectation with their growth and put them in on one side of the path as you come to my front door.  Well they grew, and what was amazing was how delicate they smelt, their scent got stronger in the evening and so you would come home and be greeted by a subtle blend of jasmine and Lilly of the valley along with the rosemary and the lemon verbena plants.  What is also lovely about these plants is that they are perennials so every year they not only grow back they spread as well.

Perfume and aromas have a way of transporting you back to a memory and Lilly of the Valley is like for me, it takes me back to my childhood and a time where you didn’t have a care in the world, and the adventure of life lay ahead and whether in a bottle or in the garden will always bring on a warm feeling of comfort and safety.

What part of your home or your childhood holds those special memories, please leave a comment and I hope you continue to join me on my journey over the weeks, as I share my mixed media houses and look back to the memories of home. I look forward to hearing about some some of your own memories. 

Blessings and peace to you!

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