Saturday 21 December 2013

Recycled Projects - Mini Wall Hangings

What do you do with all your paper and card scraps?  Why not create some mini wall hangings?

Mini wall hangings

I have wanted to make these mini wall hangings for such a long time but kept putting it off and finally got round to it.  
What delights do you have in your scrap boxes

They are a great way for recycling cardboard, scraps and odds and ends in your supplies that are too nice to throw away but are too small to be used on their own. 
Simple additions make mini pieces of art!

I have 3 containers labelled as ‘scrap’ that had come from the off cuts when I was creating other projects and I am determined before the end this year to use them up and make room for other things.

On each of the sections you can also create them and apply a selection of images of your favourite things, encouraging words, even some art work.  

You can change up the shape of the arrangement of the wall hangings....
create a variety of sizes
......depending on where your imagination takes you and the space you have to hang them, choosing to make a feature of them or use them as creative reminders.

They could make lovely presents and you can create some that the recipient can put their own photos.   
Creative reminders

Some other ideas that I might try is trying some transfer images, or making them thicker and larger in size.  Because they are made from cardboard they are also lighter in weight than if you were to make them from clay.  I really like them and look forward to seeing what you create and how many ways you can come up with the layout. 
I hope you have a blessed weekend, and allow your creativity to push back the boundaries in order to allow yourself to really soar!

Come back on Tuesday to see how I made the Wall Hangings in Tutorial Tuesday. Do share creative ways in which you have used recycled materials and leave a comment below.

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