Wednesday, 15 October 2014

UBC - Day 15 - Eating Healthy - Tips for Carers

Welcome to day 15 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and my focus on Tips for Carers.  These tips have been things that I have found helps me, and I hope you have found some of the tips useful, and would love to hear about some of the things you have been doing.

When you spend a large proportion of your time caring for someone there are often things that slip, and you tell yourself you will sort later.  Eating healthily is one of those things.  It is so important, the very fuel that you need to carry out your tasks needs to be of a good quality.  You have to make sure that you have a balanced diet, nutrient rich so that you can get all that you possibly can.  When the body is under stress the levels of vitamins and minerals within your body reduces dramatically, and you therefore need a constant top up as you go along.

Importance of eating healthily for Carers
You also need to ensure that the one you are caring for also has a balanced diet, as this could have an impact on their overall health. When you are not eating good quality food, it affects the energy level, your mental clarity, and your general health and there are lots of books which can tell you the side effects of not getting certain nutrients into the body.

Smoothie Love - Day 2 of 30 delicious drinks
We recently brought a nutri-bullet and we have been blending a combinations of greens, fruit and nuts and seeds, it can be a complete meal in itself once you have finished, but this means that you are getting a whole range of vitamins and minerals that you might not have been able to get if you tried to eat them all at once.  I have found that the smoothie is easy to digest and it means that it is a healthy option that mum can have alongside her food that is good for her.  We have definitely seen the benefits in mums general health from drinking a daily smoothie.

 A Smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

As you improve your eating habits and introduce more fruit and vegetables, you will notice the difference in your outlook, energy levels and fitness. Speak to your doctor and check out the many programs, books, and online help that you can get to think about changing your diet.

A good balance of fruit, nuts, and seeds to your diet
For now think about investing in a smoothie maker or juicer. Take a look at what you are consuming on a daily basis, and try and increase your fruit and vegetable content and most importantly - drink more water!  Check out my Smoothie recipes for some great tasting drinks full of natural goodness.

You can also click on the 'Celebrating life' image to be taken to the rest of the posts from the Journey of a Carer.

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