Sunday, 19 October 2014

UBC - Day 19 - Tell Your Own Story - Tips for Carers

Welcome to today's Ultimate Blog Challenge get ready to tell your story!

We all have a story to tell, it doesn't matter who you are or what experience you have, your story is important and it needs to be told.

Mum shares her memories as a child

As a mixed media artist, I find that I use my journals a lot to tell aspects of my story or to express how I may be feeling at a particular moment.  My images, paintings and journal entries don't always have to have words.  I keep a journal just for writing as well, and first thing in the morning I spend time just writing, 3 pages or more of words whenever I can, allowing them to flow out, without censoring or hindering.

When I create a character or painting I don't start out always knowing what I want to paint, and use their gaze, smile and expression to tell the stories of pain, joy, fear and love.

I guess I also use this blog as a way to tell my story and share my journey, hoping that if only one person finds comfort or encouragement then its worth it.  I also share my story as a means of reflection.  When I can't find the words  to express how I feel, telling it in a story form can make it easier, and it is all part of the overall process.

Sharing your story reminds you of who you are.  We can often be buried under all the labels, wife, mother carer, and you can forget just who you were because that person hasn't been visible for so very long, lost in a sea of just getting by.

For now, get yourself a note book or journal and start writing and or drawing about how you are feeling, lessons learnt or advice for someone who might just be just stepping into your shoes.  Share your story with someone else you could be the inspiration that they have been praying for. 

You can also click on the 'Celebrating life' image to be taken to the rest of the posts from the Journey of a Carer.


  1. Your work is beautiful! I agree that we all have a story to tell. Sometimes it takes vulnerability with our readers, but it is worth it to connect and share what we have been through in hopes of encouraging others. I just shared today about our pregnancy on my blog. As hard as it will be, I also want to share about our past miscarriage too. Too many women stay silent. It has shaped me. I am nervous to dig out my journals and relive it, but I will!

    1. I will be unraveling my story at . . .

    2. Nathana, So glad to have you pass by, there are so many people who are going through that our sharing can often be healing for them. I will definitely stop by your blog, you will find your journaling a healing process.

  2. I am telling my story at and my artwork and their story at I love your blog and your paintings and your colors!!!! It is beautiful. Your art is so full of joy!

    1. Alyce, I am looking forward to stopping by your blog, thanks for you lovely words.


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