Friday 17 October 2014

UBC - Day 17 - Taking a Break - Tips for Carers and Gratitude's and Celebrations Journal - Week 61

Blessings to you as you connect for another day of 'Tips for Carers'.  I am glad that I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, as it has reminded me of all the useful information that I have gained and I am very happy to share. As today is Friday I will be sharing some of the images from my Gratitude's and Celebration Journal, and the word for today is 'Recognition', and we are on week 61.


On Day 11 I spoke about getting some fresh air, and that meant going outside and if possible walking round the block, walking say 10 minutes in one direction then coming back, making the most of those snippets of time you may have within your day.

For some this is all they can managed because of their circumstances, so what I am going to suggest will take a bit more thought and organisation.  Some boroughs offer funding so that as a carer you can take a break from your caring role and take part in local activities or use it to have a mini break. When you think of what you do in your caring role, getting a break every now and then is the least, you can ask for, to restore your batteries and enable you to keep going.
Mixed Media Art - Amanda Trought

The first time I applied for the funding I used the money to book a series of monthly massages.  So for one hour once a month I was able to nurture myself and feel whole and able to continue in the role. At some point in your journey you have to recognise all that you have been giving and contributing, putting needs aside and taking our bodies and lives for granted until they are unable to do what we want them to do.  If you have a car you regularly oil and service it, generally you look after it to keep it in good running order, so why not your body?

If you take the time to organise an activity just for you, you will definitely feel the results and it means that you have an outlet outside of the caring role.  You could also see if among family and friends you can organise for someone to give you a break and take the time to go to a cafe or walk in the park, perhaps do something creative and go further a field to a gallery or art shop.  These are my favorite mini breaks, being able to be inspired by the creativity of others or potter around the arts and crafts aisles.

I am grateful for all the small things that make such a difference to our lives, and the impact that they can have.  I am also grateful for the support of family and friends which makes all the difference for which I celebrate the blessings on their lives.

For now, check with your local carers center about any funding available and apply.  While you are still waiting, schedule an activity that is just for you and make a date to keep it!

You can also click on the 'Celebrating life' image to be taken to the rest of the posts from the Journey of a Carer.

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